International Exhibition Echo-Locations 2014

Participation in the International exhibition Echo-Locations. The Sounds of Elsewhere. Limerick, Ireland, 2014


An international collection of environmental recordings, sound art and pictures submitted for the Limerick Soundscapes Project. They comprise an exhibition to appear in various Limerick locations in 2014 (university, churches, pubs, community centres).



Christine Guillbaud and Vincent Rioux – Mechanical Shrine in India

This example mixes different ethnographic recordings : An interview with an Indian engineer who has designed and marketed a musical automaton in South Indian temples; a recording of this sound device; and finally the sound of ordinary bells played during rituals inside the Chidambaram temple.

Christine GUILLEBAUD (CNRS, Laboratoire d’Ethnologie et de Sociologie Comparative, Paris-Ouest Nanterre University) Vincent RIOUX (Head of digital media department, Beaux-Arts de Paris).

Recorded in Tamil Nadu, India, 2008 See also the 2009 article (in French ) @


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