Vincent Rioux / Tribute to a Footbridge: Dance and Sound Spaces Improvisations in Choisy-le-Roi

Document 1 : person 1
No it’s nice but it should be rebuilt. It makes noise when one walks, it’s frightening. So that’s it…


Document 2 : person 2
That’s the way to get to the station. To go everywhere. To go to the insurance office. But it’s a rotten place … At first it was good but at the end they gave up. It comes from the town hall because here the town hall controls everything. The mayor and all this “bazar” … I take it during daytime, in the evening and at night … Thousands of people, thousands.


Document 3 : person 3
To buy bread, to go to the market. I take this footbridge very often.


Document 4 : person 4
I know that this footbridge poses some problems. But from what I saw, the opening and the square below, with staircases rising slowly, this is going to be a space for pedestrians. What I read on the panels below, with the trees. I can ony be positive.


Document 5 : person 5
That’s a good thing. That’s good. The intermodal pole, the station, it’s all well thought. They are going to put down all this part in order to reconstruct the avenue Jean Jaurés for the pedestrian circulation. I think it’s good.


Document 6 : person 6
There is very little light starting from 6pm, 8pn. It is so isolated. It’s a bit difficult in terms of security.


Document 7 : person 7
It would be less easy, more troublesome to cross the road. No, it won’t be “interesting”.


Document 8 : person 8
We heard that they would take the footbridge off. But the inhabitants don’t agree. We love this footbrige. Everybody take it.


Document 9 : person 9
Even if it is not a beautiful landscape, we watch the cars, the people, everybody knows everybody else.


Document 10 : person 10
The footbrige bears no risk even for young or old people.


Document 11 : person 11
Yes, I used to come here with my beloved before we get married. We would have rendez-vous here, we would gather near the station over there. See how beautiful it is, you can watch the church, it’s too beautiful. And here, I don’t know, when it will be down, when there will be much more noise, we will be attracted by what is under…


Document 12 : supercollider/livecoding very simple demonstration